Course Content:
Bergen will be the field of interest and interventions for the Complex context course.
The main project will this year be focusing on rethinking schools and their contextual
relations. Issues and project work will be within the frame of living conditions in
Bergen. Within this frame we will develop urban strategies and programs, and
identify possible sites / existing schools, for projects development. We will explore
potensial strategies and take actions. Dialogs and workshops will take place with
invited resource persons at certain points during the development of the course. We
will also take part along with other students, teachers and externals in workshops
and dialogs arranged at BAS throughout the semester.
An important and intensive part of the course will be making a study trip to
Copenhagen and Hamburg, complex and multilayered cities which we will analyze
and act in as architects during the study trip. We will walk, bike, explore and
experience the cities together for about one week in September. We will study
cultural, political, historic and physical fabric in these cities and their state of change
and formation. We will have a sertain focus on School buildings and their relation to
Being back in Bergen we will experience, draw and make models of city territories
and initiate architectural proposals to interventions in chosen sites.
Profound and careful understanding of place becomes our instrument and point of
departure for the development of architectonic ideas and search of clear tectonic and
spatial strategies for school

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